Katie Couric...Will You Watch?

  1. Since she is going to be a very serious news anchor on CBS do you think you can handle her not being so cute and perky?
  2. I remember when she was the Pentagon reporter for NBC,she did a good job there and I think she will do a good job as the CBS anchor. That being said, I don't really care for her personally and probably won't watch. I prefer Brian Williams.
  3. I think I will like her better not being so cute and perky.
  4. I won't watch the show any less or more often than I already do. If they have a good story, I'll tune in, w/ or w/o her!

  5. I agree. News is news. I don't think the news changes just because who is delivering it.:P
  6. She is seasoned. She will do well anywhere IMO.
  7. I do, too :amuse: My favorite nighttime news anchor was Tom Brokaw, but Brian Williams has done a great job since taking his place.
  8. Nope. Not a Katie fan, imho she has a really fake personality. I'm with Cristina and dianagrace, Brian Williams is a good anchor.
  9. May be just to check it out. I know she has fav shoes collections, so much for showing it off for being an anchor.
  10. I like her. I problebly would.
  11. I greatly dislike her, so no.
  12. I agree, Brian Williams is the best.
  13. Have never cared for her...she has a horrible voice...can't believe she was hired with a voice like that!

    Ann Curry (sp?) should have had the job..beautiful, experienced, graceful, pleasant IMO
  14. I like Katie and will probably check it out, but she won't have a blank check and absolute control at CBS so I'm sure their broadcast will still be semi-lame. Brian Williams is continuing a great legacy at NBC.
  15. Honestly, I can't stand her so no.