Katie Couric - New Face?

  1. I don't really pay attention to Katie Couric but last night she really caught my attention. She looked like she had her whole face done! Does anyone know about this? Pictures?
  2. I don't watch her news show but I've heard this brought up a few times in other forums that I visit. Everyone seems to be noticing her new face. I second the request for some pictures! :smile:
  3. maybe she had a few minor things done, I haven't seen her lately...
  4. I noticed it too. I have my contacts out in preparation for lasik and I saw a promo for her show. The first thing i thought was "her face looks weird did she have any work done?" But then i figured it was was just my screwed up eyes. maybe not...
  5. Here are some pics. I am no expert on facial surgery, so I can't tell what or even if she's had something done, but she DOES look different. In my uneducated opinion, she looks different enough that it doesn't look like it is purely age. Maybe someone else can tell more?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. My husband saw her tonight on T.V. and said "who IS that"? - When I told him her went "whoa - she had a BAD facelift". I'm guessing no photo's yet since I think it was done very recently.