Katie back in L.A.

  1. Katie Holmes arrives at LAX airport on Monday wearing her favorite wide-leg jeans. Those red sky high heels sure do look familiar!
    The 28-year-old actress is reportedly back in the States to work on her current film projects and to attend a series of business meetings.
    Katie was recently in Berlin, Germany with baby Suri and hubby Tom Cruise, who has been filming his latest WWII flick Valkyrie.
    katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-01.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-02.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-03.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-04.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-05.jpg
  2. She looks great. Love her jeans and love her bag.
    katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-06.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-07.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-08.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-09.jpg katie-holmes-wide-leg-jeans-10.jpg
  3. I like her, she has a grace about her
  4. I think she looks good although her top half looks a bit skeletal!!
  5. Katie is looking really nice these days, she seems to be coming into her own now. loving the jeans
  6. She looks great and I love her outfit.
  7. I love her, but shes looking a bit thin.
  8. Not digging the huge jeans.
  9. She looks good! LOVE the red shoes with her outfit.:tup:
  10. I think she has changed her total look from last year at this time. She looks more casual and elegant.
  11. shes looking great, but thin
  12. she is looking really old.
  13. She's a pretty girl, but too thin for her frame, IMO. Her clothes are sort of hanging on her. I LOVE her bag! Who makes it?
  14. Is that a Fendi bag? I can't tell, but it looks like it might be. I think she looks too skinny!
  15. She looks perfect!