Katie and Tom...Ugh!

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  1. Is there anyone else out there sick to death of seeing Katie Holms on every cover of almost every magazine almost every month????? When oh when is that kid gonna be born!?!?!?!?

    Ok..thanks...got that out of my system. :smile:
  2. Every month? It's like every week (since I subscribe to Us Weekly, and Life & Style). I can't wait til this baby is born...
  3. I know it is getting very annoying! I bet the kiddo will be born a week before he releases Mission Imposible 3. Did you guys hera that supposedly Tom Cruise said that he will eat the placenta.? Now that's disgusting.
  4. I guess that' the only PR they can get..... I mean does anyone really care????? It was a PR stunt from the start and it gets stranger every day. I just don't get the addiction people get in watching what happens to who and what so and so is doing. Bad enough that there is too much entertainment type TV will all this junk too.
  5. :sick: I read that somewhere today.. yuck! is that even legal?
  6. omg that's so digusting :sick: i swear he's messed up...
  7. Tom's getting too out there for me...Actually, I never thought he was anything special. Could never understand how he made Sexiest Man in People Mag a few years ago or whenever that was. Give me George Clooney or Johnny Depp any day!
  8. No kidding! I am so tired of them! Isn't she already way overdue? Doesn't she just want it out already?
  9. I think the eating the placenta thing was a joke, he joked about that on Primetime. Anyway, I am with you on the kid being born right before the release of the movie. I mean come on, what are the odds of them not going all the way with this whole stupid hoax? The sad thing is though I will still go see his movie, not because he is in it, but because I like JJ Abrams the director. I heard Tom Cruise made $75 million from MI2 - now that's just sick!!! I wish he'd go away, do whatever he wants but just not right in everybody's face!
  10. that baby is going to be an alien...
  11. I don't let all that bother me...seems like many people love to read it or they wouldn't be on the covers and all over TV.