Katie and Peter on E!

  1. I looked to if there was a thread yet and couldn't find one.


    Show Summary: Britain's hottest celebrity couple, model Katie Price and musician Peter Andre, strive to balance career with family life and still find time for each other.

    Now I am not quite sure what they are famous for since I am not in the UK. I do know she is either a porn star or page six girl or something. He was in, I guess, a boy band??? But you wouldn't know it from the theme song.

    It is my understanding that she is also with child now. I think these two should of really looked into birth control because I don't think they are bright enough to raise children. In the first episode, she cuts up a skirt because it is not short enough. Then they hire a ghost whisperer. It is a good thing she has those boobs because then nobody would talk to her. These two make Jessica and Nick look like rocket scientists!
  2. um, I watched 5 min of this show and had to turn it off... mixed with the bad sarcasm and continual cursing... I cant understand one sentence... its like watching anyother show on VH1 now that I think about it!
  3. More shameless guilty pleasure TV??!?!
  4. I watched it for the first time last night I thought it was OK. I borrowed her autobiorgaphy of my boyf cuz and it was quite insightful! She just bascially talks about all the famous guys she realationships with and the amount of time she has been pregant.
    Peter Andre had a song out back in '96? Called Mysterious Girl and there was another popular'ish sound he had cant remember the title at the mo. If you see the video to Mysterious Girl you might remember him - he has a 8 pack!! He however does seem like a really nice chap, as my boyf said while watching it "he really does see the good in everybody".
  5. It's hard to get pass the make-up and bling to understand whats real about these two!
  6. I don't think you were watching the same show I was. He had a keg going on with his stomach. He needs to do celebrity fit club. He doesn't seem all there mentally. But hey, they apparently are good at whatever they do because obviously they made money doing it. If she wasn't pregnant, I would have a hard time believing she was born a woman.
  7. i saw the listing and had no idea who they were
  8. I haven't seen it yet but I DO want to! I love celeb reality even if I don't know who they are! LOL!
  9. I have a hard time understand their British accents.

  10. In the music video for Mysterious Girl he has an 8pack in that. :smile:
  11. I too am having trouble understanding sometimes the accents. It seems like Katie really wanted a girl puppy for Christmas....why wouldn't Peter know that? She said she was going to name it Pink and had pink things picked out.
  12. i was excited to watch but then when i tuned in it seemed so boring and anyway I really couldn't understand much of what they were saying
  13. lol. i watched this show for the first time last night....and I could not understand a single word she was saying!!! She had such a heavy accent and was either pouting or acting crazy the entire time that it annoyed me and I had to turn it off. I mean, I love reality tv, and I definitly loved Newlyweds, but this one is just too much! :p
  14. I havent seen this yet. Guess I should check out to see what me peoples are up too !
  15. Prada I want your opinion so please watch and post!!!!!!!