~KathyD's Collection of LV's, Chanels and more!!!~

  1. She has a LOT of great bags! Also is a picture of the capris she had on when we met. . . HONESTLY, we couldn't get through the store w/o Neiman SAs stopping her about these pants!:biggrin:
    Enjoy her fab collection!
    ygpF10D.jpg ygpF10C.jpg ygpF10E.jpg ygpF10F.jpg ygpF10A.jpg ygpF101.jpg ygpF103.jpg ygpF104.jpg ygpF110.jpg yorkieLV.jpg
  2. How cute is that dog!?:love:
    A couple more. . . .
    ygpF105.jpg ygpF106.jpg ygpF107.jpg ygpF108.jpg
  3. Kathy, did I miss any?
  4. Hi everyone! Well, with the help of Swankymom, I finally posted my bags. I've been collecting LV for around 20 years. After discovering the PF, I've expanded my collection to Chanel & Balenciaga. Others I like are Be & D and Burberry.I love handbags as all of you do, and I've really enjoyed looking at your collections. I've been a public schoolteacher for 27 years, and the students love to comment on my bags. Hidden in the Speedy is my yorkie Tinkerbell.
  5. ^she's too cute K!
    Maybe you should also do your jewelry . . . that was the other thing everyone kept stopping her to comment on!
  6. Great Collection!!!!
  7. Love your collection...& Tinkerbell is precious!
  8. Thanks everyone! Tinker is 11 years old and weighs a little over 2 lbs. Swanky, I sent a pic of part of my turquoise collection that I was wearing. I bought the necklace right off another teacher during lunch break. lol
  9. Here's her jewelry people stopped her about:
  10. woooooooooooooooow
    love everything...
    please do buy more...great taste
  11. Great collection! Tinkerbell is adorable!
  12. Love your little dog in the speedy(?) ! So Cute! You have a great collection =)
  13. One more! Cute pets Kathy!:biggrin:
  14. Her fabulous Chanel pearl strand!:love:
  15. I love your collection. Those Chanel pearls are TDF!!!! And your dog is precious!!!