Kathy K's Collection

  1. I've been a PFer for a l-o-n-g time, so I thought it was time to share my eclectic collection of bags. Enjoy!

    My newest bag, a Miu Miu Plesse pleated hobo in beige:


    My Marc Jacobs Capra in Smoke (left) and Multipocket in Pomegranate (right):


    My Kooba Scarlett in Army Metallic:


    More coming up....
  2. Wow, great collection ... love the MJ's and the Bbags!
  3. I love your MJ Capra!!
  4. Gorgeous collection, wow!! Congrats!!!
  5. oooh i love it!
    i love how it takes up so many steps!
  6. OOOH I looove the Miu Miu !
  7. Great bags- love the Miu Miu and red MJ!
  8. great collection
  9. Some more pics:

    My LVs:


    My Balenciagas:

    My Elisa Atheniense:

  10. I love you kelly green Balenciaga!! Such a beautiful bag.
  11. great collection
  12. Wow! Great pieces! Can I play in your closet? LOL!
  13. Here are a couple more.

    My Ferragamo (which I love because my hubby bought it):

    ...and my Botkier stirrup:

    The rest, for the record, are my Fendi nylon baguette (my first "designer" bag), two Annabell Ingalls raffia bags for summer, Hayden Harnett Lorca, Coach Patchwork, Orla Kiely bag, and Cynthia Rowley red bag.

    Okay, I'm done now!
  14. love your red pochette and your fendi!
  15. Beautiful bags Kathy!! Love your MJ's!!:yes::tup: