Kathy Hilton's bag

  1. [​IMG]
    Photo credit: Popsugar.com

    so.........any comments on KATHY HILTON'S bag? production date? color? exact style? leather name? the more details, the better!!!!
  2. PS. that's the best looking sharon stone has been in ages!! clothes matching? check! styled hair? check!
  3. ^^very pretty bag! looks like box leather and maybe it's the lighting, but it looks like a dark blue?
  4. wow. how do you tell between box and the others??
  5. are those...suntan colored pantyhose I see Madame Hilton wearing?? for shame!!!
  6. Well it's a stunner, not her though...I know the Hermes ladies will get you your info soon!!!
    I agree Sharon Stone looks FAB!!! Maybe she finally got a stylist, I hate her get ups.:lol:
  7. Looks like a 30cm indigo box Birkin to me.

  8. sorry, i didn't get the "will get your info soon" joke. :hysteric::wlae::lol:
  9. i'd wear suntan colored hose too if i were a gazillionaire. heck. i wear em now!!! :yahoo::roflmfao:
  10. Hello, Hello! (I always wanted to say that) Long time no post!! I agree it's box. I can go with either navy or indigo because of the lighting. Hard to say exactly without the bag in front of me.
  11. she just meant that the Ladies here will give you more info soon, that's all.
    It's the middle of the night in the US.
  12. oh!:shame:
  13. i see, i see. forget i asked. *hides head*
  14. Yup, my vote is 30cm indigo box with gold HW
  15. I say 30cm navy box Birkin.