Kathy Hilton goes to jail......

  1. :tdown:

    Or at least she should go to jail!!!

    Mama Hilton goes to visit Paris and she should be incarcerated as well for....
    smooshing her bag into a small security locker at the correctional facility that Paris is currently held:wtf:.

    click on the link it should appear at the end...

  2. OMG, that's funny!!!
  3. This entire family makes me sick! They all drive me crazy, but thanks for posting!
  4. :push: Maybe that's the day you leave your Birkin at home Mrs H!!
  5. Gorgeous bag, but I'm not going to comment on the rest, lol.
  6. I would have left if they told me I had to put my bag in there. lol
  7. lol!!!

    Picture 7.jpg
  8. No offence to anyone, but, I think that bag is the last thing on her mind during this difficult time.
  9. The Paris story's all over the news (at least in this town)...not going to comment on the bigger matter, either...but yes, I do love the bag. And I think for Mrs. Hilton, this bag is the equivalent of that canvas tote I got for free for attending a seminar.
  10. Thank you, tricia. :flowers: It's hard to be a mum these days. Worse if you're a Hilton mum :sad:
  11. ^^^I have to agree with tricia and pr1nc355. What's a holy grail to some is "just another bag" to others. Especially in light of her daughter's incarceration, I'm sure the Birkin is the least of her worries.
  12. Agree with Tricia. But at least it's in a locker, not on some grimy floor.
  13. She looks prettier w/o all the make up and pucci dresses.
  14. Well said Ladies.
  15. This must be a very difficult time for Mrs H but she's no angel either. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Here she is trying to be Martha Stewart.

    What is it about Birkins and jail time anyway? :shrugs: