Kathy Griffin

  1. So, before her show "My life on the D-list" I had only known her as the annoying girl on Seinfeld, but now I freakin love her!!

    Have any of you watched her show? Hilarious. She's so funny.

    I'm just watching her stand up comedy "Allegedly" right now. Its gooood. If you haven't watched her, you should.:yes:
  2. I watch it! I think it is sooo funny.
  3. I watch her show from time to time. I've also seen some of her stand-up routines. I like her sense of humor. I just saw the episode where she entertained our troops overseas. It was a nice episode.
  4. ^ I saw that too, they are all good. I like that she does celebrities in her stand up, its so interesting and funny to hear about it.
  5. I love her show, she is fu:censor:ing hilarious!
    Did you hear that she finally got divorced? The reason was that her husband stole $72,000 dollars from her. If you want to read more about it go to perezhilton.com :flowers:
  6. ^Oh no!!! Awwww I knew they were having problems, but I was hoping they would get it figured out. He seemed nice...what a bastard tho!
  7. Kathy's funny and she manages to make me laugh on her show, My Life on the D-list.I just watched the eposide when she had her niece's over and for some odd reason she hates kids, and she called them "aliens/species".I laughed so hard! :roflmfao:
  8. I didnt like her till I saw this and now I cant get enough of it!
  9. Oh shoot, thanks Swanky!! I didn't even think to do a search.:blink: