Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is back!

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  1. I'll definitely pay close attention when I catch the repeat this weekend! Thanks for posting this. It will be fun trying to spot them!:tup:
  2. Did anyone watch K.G. host Bravo's A-list Awards? I think she totally killed!!! :woohoo::woohoo: She was hysterical! I think she deserves any Emmy for hosting that show:tup:
  3. I agree she is great! I am going to see her in September in Atlanta and I can not wait!
  4. I love Kathy's stand-up comedy, but the reality show isn't as funny this season as it was in previous seasons.
  5. I was saying the same thing this evening! She does have some amazing clothes and bags tho - who in the heck is her stylist, anyway!?
  6. I missed the beginning of today's episode, why was her face so red & bruised up? Was it the heat & lack of make-up?

    Chanel, Gucci, and LV oh my! Everything she wears is designer now!
  7. That was a NUTSO sunburn. Redheads not wearing major sunscreen is a major no-no....:sad: Wow. She was THRASHED!!!

    I agree, it's not too funny though. It's more like a documentary of Kathy's life now, KWIM? Not that that's so terrible - I think they're really trying to find things to do though. Do you honestly think she'd be doing the Mexican biblioteca overhaul without having it on TV?
    I mean, call me ridiculous, maybe she would have...I don't know! I'm not really into the Mom so much anymore either.

    Ah well....
  8. I love the mom and her box of wine!! I was shocked that Kathy's staffers did not watch out for her since she fell asleep in the sun....you'd think one of them would have had her back and woken her up or applied sunscreen or put an umbrella over her.