Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is back!

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  1. I thought she was great on Suze...!! I happened to catch it and I was just :cool: about how sharp and hands on she is about her $!! Go girl!!

    Sometimes I am really :wtf: about some of the very raunch things she says, but I have to say, I do laugh at many other of her stories and observations, and I reallly thought what she did for her dad was touching.
  2. Just read that Kathy's show won for Reality Show at tonight's Creative Arts Emmy awards. I'm happy she won. Congrats Kathy!!
  3. :nuts:That's great!! I really really hope that she wins the primetime emmy, too!
    Does anyone know when the next season starts? Also when will season 2 be on DVD?
  4. :party: :woohoo:
  5. Whew! First of all, I had a heck of time trying to find this thread but I knew it existed!! :P

    Did anyone catch the premiere for the new season? Kathy was hillarious as usual.

    For the whole segment with "Andy" Cooper, I kept thinking Kathy might inadvertently "out" him. :shrugs:
  6. ^^^ Yeah I was waiting for her to say something about him being gay. I loooooove this show! Kathy is so funny! I want to be her assistant one day!
  7. She is HILARIOUS!!! But I do think she has gotten WAY raunchier than she was before. She may feel more free to be that way because of the divorce, her emmy, or the show's success.
  8. love her!
  9. New episode tonight! I'm veggin' to her marathon until then lol
  10. I love her! She cracks me up
  11. I can't believe you looked through all the pages to find this thread lol I completely forgot I started it. But I did watch the season premiere, and I still love this show. New episode tonight! Kathy was on Carson Daly's show not long ago and she was her usual hilarious self.
  12. Did anyone see the LV bags in the last episode!!!!

    Jessica had what I "think" was a Mono Griet! And there was a Damier Speedy also!

    I love this show! I want to go see her live someday!
  13. ^^Ack, I missed it. I'll have to pay attention in the repeat. Are you sure they were real? The other assistant (Stephanie?) had what I thought was a Marc Jacobs Hudson in the first episode. But after watching for a little while, I'm pretty sure it was just a look-alike.

  14. Well, I think the Damier Speedy was real- maybe it was Kathys?

    And the Griet- well it had the top part like the Griet in one spot of the episode then I saw another screen shot where the bottom vachetta had like studs on it. I'll have to watch closer next time that one is on.
  15. Kathy was wearing that great Chanel coat the kept getting spilled on........I loved how she flaunted the label.