Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is back!

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  1. It's sad that the season finale is coming up this tuesday! I just got the season one DVD and I love it! She has so much talent. In october, I will be seeing her in Chicago and I can't wait, especially after luvpurses24's review!!
  2. haha this show is so funny, I watch it here on E!
  3. I can't believe it's almost over for this season already? Wha happened? So sad about her sweet Papa....:crybaby:
  4. waaa ... so bad ...
    Thanks Slush, just finish watching her when she's in London ....
  5. Is it me or does she seem to be getting more raunchy since the divorce? I felt okay watching it on occasion with my teenage daughter last season but there have been a few times this season that she seemed to get really dirty. No big deal for me because I still think she is funny but just find it a little curious..wonder if she held back a little while she was married.
  6. Well, she did keep saying she'd f*** people.. haha. You may be right.
    I thought the final episode of season 3 was hilarious. The Red-headed Oprah thing was too hilarious. AND the show was nominated again for an Emmy. I hope it wins this time.
  7. I think you're right kalodie! I didn't realize that but she does seem to be raunchier than before.

    I can't believe the season is over already!! :sad: The last show was hillarious and sad at the same time. I loved how that one woman Kathy gave money to kept hugging and thanking Tom instead of Kathy and Kathy was just standing there like "What the heck?!" LOL! But also the last part where she spread her Dad's ashes was so touching. It made me tear up!

    And does anyone agree with me that she should just get together with Tom? He seems to get her and I think they'd be cute together!
  8. LOL I can't picture them together!!! It may be partially that he looks a bit like Tim Curry..

    Whenever she talks about her dad & gets emotional, I tear up. :sad: Her parents are/were the best.
  9. NO, she shouldn't get together with Tom. She needs somebody who makes some money, too. I saw her on the Suze Orman show, and she said she will make about 4 million this year. That doesn't sound too D-list to me! She is very smart about money.
  10. ^^Oh OK, I get you. Tom is probably too much like her first husband then. Maybe you're right. I just like that Tom has been with her for a while since he was her house-sitter first. But maybe she does need someone who makes his own money. And DAMN! 4 million? That's impressive!:nuts:
  11. I didn't realize her first husband was embezzling from her. Did she talk about it on one of the shows? That's so sad. It has to have been a rough year for her with her divorce and her father's death.
  12. I love her, but sometimes she goes a little overboard. i was very sad for her when her dad died. She seemed to really care about her parents.
  13. I like her show and am suprised it's already over! I think it's funny given her "performance" at the Emmys last year that she was re-nominated. I think she is more raunchy, but maybe it's a simple as she's feeling frisky since her divorce, not because she was toning it down for her husband. Sad about the divorce and her father's passing, but she keeps on trucking.
  14. I always thought the husband was a real creep. :wacko: I wonder if another season will be coming.....
  15. love love love that show. can not wait to watch. kathy is funny as h3ll!:lol: