Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is back!

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  1. Saw both her new stand-up special and the reality show premiere tonight and LOVED them! The stand-up show made me laugh so hard my dog was looking at me funny. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. Love her.
    I saw both too - great.
  3. Her material is funny - but usually at the expense of other people - after about 10 minutes, her voice drives me crazy. Not a fan.
  4. I wish I had known about the shows in Michigan I would have went to one. I looked at her tour scheldule and looks like she won't be coming here this time. I laughed when she made fun of Michigan, there really is nothing to do in this boring state.
  5. Now I'm no idiot, but I find myself watching her and inside maybe going "ha ha" or maybe I hear myself chuckling somewhere, but I don't find her really really "funny". "Funny" like Richard Pryor funny, like early Robin Williams funny...she's okay - just a little boring. But to each his/her own.....:P
  6. to each their own...everyone has their own degree of "funny"...no worries at all! (see - sometimes, Robin Williams to me is just "eyeroll funny"..heheh)

    now...to me, I find her knee-slapping funny. No lie, I've actually slapped my knee and laughed out loud while watching her stand up. (even my husband will go - did you just slap your knee?)

    My brother is the same way...when we saw her standup in person last month, we would both slap our knees at the same time and laugh...our friends found it quite freaky actually! heheh
  7. Just scored great seats for her November show!!!!
  8. I think she is very funny and very clever. The hard part about watching her show is that I feel like I get so familiar with her material - the 5th or 6th time you hear her say something it gets less funny.

    I love the interaction with other people in situations and as well as the regulars - her parents, her staff. SO sorry to read about her Dad's passing - that's going to be a tough episode to watch.
  9. ^^ they aired it last night... it was SOOO sad :crybaby:i had to fight back the tears.
  10. I actually did cry....I lost my father 9 years ago and all those emotions came flooding back...I definetly could relate to how she was feeling.

    She is so right when she said she had dreaded the day since she was little and now it was here. Exactly my thoughts when my father passed.
  11. omg that was so hard to watch...i just had tears pouring out of my eyes.

    but he was a great man...he had a great love of life...and wine!

    those pictures she had of him were amazing...
  12. That was sooooooooo sad. I really felt for her especially in the interview parts. I got tears in my eyes when she talked about a couple of days after he died that he was the one to tell them to put on golf and to pull the plug because he didn't want it to be anyone else responsibility. He seemed like a really great dad and overall good guy.
  13. I had a good cry last night too. I was with my Dad in the ICU when he passed in 1998 - I experienced the same flood you mentioned, never-enough-LV. There must have been daughters all accross the country sobbing away at that moment.
  14. Oh, that was SO sad! When she said, "The moment I've been dreading my whole life.. is here." That killed me. Kathy's a nut but she seems like a good daughter. I feel bad for her that she was not there for his final moments.
  15. I just watched the latest episode and I was in :crybaby:.
    So sad!

    But then I saw her on Larry King and she was amazing!
    She had me in tears, but I was :roflmfao:.

    She clearly dominated his show and did A.Cooper blush?