Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is back!

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  1. Season 3 airs Tuesday at 10 on Bravo! Anyone else excited? I just love this show and think Kathy is hilarious.
  2. I saw Kathy's stand up routine at the Mohegan Sun Casino here in Connecticut last weekend. OMG...HIL-f-ing-LARIOUS! I have never watched D-List but I have my Tivo set for it now!
  3. I love KG. I'll be watching.
  4. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be watching too. I think she's extremely funny!
  5. o my god i am SOSOSOSOOSO EXCITED!!!! :smile: i love her so much i rewatch all her stand up when its on, one day i cant wait to see her live! :smile:
    so psyched!!
  6. I saw her live too....she was hysterical!
  7. I've only ever seen her on the tv but she is so funny.
    She was recently over here in the UK to promote her show (My Life on the D-list) and she appeared on some shows here and she was just hilarious:nuts:
  8. I loved last season...can't wait!
  9. Yes I'm looking forward to it! She's hilarious!
  10. Another show I love! I really need to set some standards but I love reality TV!
  11. she' so funny
  12. SHe's great! Saw her in peron once...too funny...and too cute!!! She's a hottie, actually. I'm swayed VERY hard by a great sense of humor though...:smile:
    thanks for the reminder!
  13. Is this show amazing or what, I was seriously laughing throughout the whole thing. Well except when Kathy broke down about her divorce, I feel so bad for her. Matts an ass, I can't believe he would do something like that, he seemed like such a nice guy. The next episode looks even more hilarious, her and Nick Carter lol I really need to see one of her live shows.
  14. Great show tonight.
  15. I'm watching this now. It's hilarious.