Kathy Griffin: Banned From "The View"..Again !

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    Sometime co-host Kathy Griffin has reportedly been banned for a second time from appearing on that post-menopausal *****-fest, The View. Seems that every time Kathy comes on the show, she uses it as fodder for her stand-up comedy routines, in which she mercilessly skewers the celebrity guests and hosts—including Barbara Walters.
    Kathy Griffin is an outspoken comedian who has apparently stepped over the line, at least where Barbara Walters is concerned. Griffin does a dead on impersonation of Babs. She has been performing her standup act in a sold out run at Madison Square Garden. Her final show is tonight, and she had planned to be a guest on this morning’s broadcast of the popular talk show, The View.
    Griffin apparently received a phone call yesterday from the shows producer Bill Geddie. He informed her that they have canceled her scheduled appearance because she was too mean to Barbara during her last special on Bravo.
    The comedian said that she had been banned once before, but was incredulous to have been rebanned. Griffin is likely to use this momentary setback as fodder for her stand up act. Babs may regret the slight because of the ensuing fallout that is likely to occur.
    [From Bitten and Bound]
  2. :roflmfao: So, if she had already been banned, then how did she get back on the show?
  3. She make me laugh! She is so naturally funny.
  4. Reason number 67,438 not to watch The View.

    Kathy would have made a great full time host.
  5. LOL!! I love Kathy Griffin, when they were picking the new cohost for the view, I was so rooting for her!!
  6. I agree. She would make an interesting host.
  7. Kathy Griffin is just plain awesome!!! I love it when she screams, "Where my gays at?!?!?!":roflmfao:
  8. Lo-hov-hov-hove Kathy Griffin!:lol:
  9. love her....:heart:
  10. She is hilarious! I always thought that Barbara needed to get over herself.
  11. ^^So true! I actually thought Kathy sorta gave Babs props in her last special. She ended with a story about her where something Barbara said pleasantly shocked and surprised Kathy. Now all Barbara did was give Kathy more material for her next Bravo special!
  12. hmm I guess Barbara wasn't too thrilled for the world to know she loves Astroglide.
  13. I so love Kathy, its the view's loss.
  14. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Prada - I just LOVE your description: "post-menopausal *****-fest, The View". Ha Ha Ha.

    Being in the UK, I haven't seen this show for a while - it used to be on cable but I don't think it is anymore. I remember that Barbara Walters was on it and Star somebody. There were 2 others on it, one of them what a younger girl and she was really pretty.

    The last I heard - they were really rude to the Playboy Girls (but that was because I saw "The Girls Nextdoor" (of the Girls of the Playboy Mansion as it is called in the UK).

    On the actual point of the thread though - I agree with the person who said - if she was banned first of all, why put her back on the show in the first place!!!?