Kath's shoe collection, including Ruby Slippers!!

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  1. Morning!

    I made a start at the weekend, with photo's of some of my shoes,

    so, to start, here are my vuitton's;

    Pompeii wedges, mini monogram satin sandals, and "J-low" shiny boots. Just for info, the Pompeii's, and satin sandals are both 40.5 and fit lovely. The boots are 41 and are HUGE. I just couldn't leave the shop without them, and was hoping they would get in a smaller pair and I could swap, but they never got any others in... I just wanted to make the point that in YSL and McQueen, I'm a size 39, so if you can, it can pay to try on before you buy, as I've found there can be a real difference in shoe sizing. Also wanted to add, that no date code on either the Pompeii's or the boots, although there is a code on the sandals.

    I've started photo's of some of my other shoes, I think I have a couple of YSL and Alexandre McQueen pics in the camera, to I'll try and add those later today.

    My lovely Ruby slippers. I got these from a chap in the States that custom makes them, using vintage 1930's shoes, to the exact spec of the originals. Having said that, I asked him to source a pair of shoes in my size, rather than the tiny 5.5 US Judy originals. I love them to bits!

    I'll try and post some others later.


    vuittonshoes.jpg pompeii.jpg pompeii2.jpg minisatin.jpg boots.jpg ruby1.jpg ruby2.jpg
  2. those ruby heels are so sparkly i really like them :smile: