Kath's little collection....

  1. So, finally got my digi cam, and here is the first attempt.

    My Vuitton stuff;

    First pic is of my Vernis lavendre Reade pm, and lavendre key cles. Next to that, is my Multicolor pochette, with the extender attached (on the left) and a multicolor key cles. In the front, is my lovely new Damier papillon 26, and beside it, but not very clearly, is my black inclusion ring.

    Second pic, is one of the miriad cats, Boo, who decided she just *had* to have a sniff...

    Third pic, is because I realised I'd actually have to take the Epi Dinard *out* of the box for anyone to see it :idea:

    I've got a couple of Galliano and Dior bags, which I'll add as soon as I can take pics. I'm then going to start on my somewhat larger shoe collection!!!

    vuitton.jpg boo.jpg epi.jpg
  2. very nice collection, i love the matching clès!congrtas:biggrin::heart:
  3. Nice collection, congrats!:flowers:
  4. Gorgeous collection! So colorful and fun! Love the picture of the cat sniffing the bags! Too cute!
  5. nice collection you go there.. and the cat.. oh such a cutie...
  6. Love The Vernis
  7. Cute collection, I love the cat and the rabbit, too!
  8. Love the Reade and the Papillon!
  9. Love the MC and vernis!
  10. Nice collection, I love the Papillon!!
  11. OMG!!! Your collection is gorgeous!!! Your kitty is adorable and your yard is so nice and green!!!:nuts: I LOVE it all!!!:love:
  12. Ahh, bless you all for your lovely thoughts, thank you!

    And extra points to fendigal, for spotting the bunnies/hares in the background!!

    You know, it was touch and go that that lot stayed on the table, as we have over 20 cats (all rescue, generally missing a limb or appendage somewhere along the way) and it didn't take long for a crowd to gather.

    It was pretty wet too (Ireland, anyone?? ) so I think I may give the back yard experience a miss next time....

    Thanks again everyone!

  13. very gorgeous collection :yahoo:
    I love your new pap :love:
  14. Thanks! I'm especially loving my new pap, because it's definately an everyday bag, and I'm loving the Damier, because with all the rain here, I have no worries about watermarks on vacetta!!

    I'd definately recommend it!!

    thanks again :0)

  15. Nice collection, I like your lavender reade.