Katherine Mcfee looked incredible at the AMA's

  1. [​IMG]

    I don't quite get the pose but she still looks great!

  2. I screwed up. I was trying to correct her last name (McPhee) and did a double thread!?! AGH!
  3. She sure does! This girl is looking more like a super model every day!
  4. Wow stunning!!
  5. She's so pretty.
  6. Wow - great pix!
  7. Gorgeous! She looks great in that dress!
  8. she looks fabulous.
  9. her hair is fab!!!!
  10. She looks lovely as ever!
  11. Katherine is a stunner!I love that pose,this young lady has so many things going for her,looks,talent and good old fashion family values.
  12. Lovely!
  13. Wow, her stylist is doing an awesome job! She certainly looks every inch a "red carpet girl".
  14. on the 1st n 2nd pics, she looks like lindsay lohan if i must say.. what do u guys think?
  15. I like her hair, the dress is just ok to me.:shrugs: