Katherine Kwei bag Poll


Which Katherine Kwei clutch?

  1. Anneka

  2. Edna

  3. Teresa

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  1. So, after seeing the Katherine Kwei collection, I'm thinking about eventually getting one of her bags. I think they are so lovely and unique... So... which clutch-sized bag do you like best? (As i don't really need more big bags right now... I can pray to win the contest though LOL)

    The Anneka clutch:

    The Edna Pouchette


    The Teresa mini bag

  2. I like Edna Pouchette!
  3. I think the Teresa Mini bag is a precious size. But I'm also not the hugest clutch fan.
  4. ^I never was a huge clutch fan either until I acquired some nice ones. now, I find myself using them often!
  5. One more question- does anyone on here own a Katherine Kwei bag? Just curious... Thanks!
  6. I like the Edna!!
  7. Oh...did you sign up for the Kwei giveaway this month??
  8. ^Of course I did!!! I'm dying to win that bag, but if I don't, I'll probably buy it later in the year anyway. LOL.
  9. Thats funny, I like that Teresa and it seems you all don't! LOL. To each her own.
  10. I think these designs are really unique, but I don't think they're for me - I'd end up trapping lint and crumbs and whatnot in there :push:
  11. I like the Teresa !:tup:
  12. Hi rinstar!
    I would love the Edna Pouchette :yes:
  13. I really like the Teresa mini! I like the handles VS clutch style. I think it's adorable, great price point for a suede lined bag.
  14. Thanks for all the opinions everyone, I still like all 3 of these so much, it's hard to say which I like best. I am leaning slightly towards the teresa, like kbell said- the handles are a nice feature. Keep the responses coming though!
  15. i like the The Edna Pouchette- it's great that the strap can be moved around.