Katherine Heigl's Wedding Photos

  1. On her initial thoughts about a winter wedding: "I don't think either one of us was thinking a Christmas wedding. Originally it was because I only get two weeks a year for my Christmas vacation… but then we really got excited about it."

    On choosing to wed Utah's in Deer Valley where Josh had vacationed with his family in his younger years: "We wanted to do it in a place that felt like a winter wonderland. We incorporated lots of big evergreens in the reception with twinkle lights and Christmas decorations."

    On how it feels to be married: "We're elated! We have never lived together." (Josh added: "We don't even sleep in the same bed when family is around!")

    On how marriage will change things: "This new house means now we are in this together. It means compromise on style, taste and how each one of us lives, how we don't like to live and how we're going to work it all out. It's going to be an amazing place to start our lives together and start a family."

    On how soon kids are coming: "I'd like to start talking children seriously in the next year but Josh feels more like two years, so we'll probably do a year and a half." (Josh added: "My view is, let's take it one day and one child at a time!")

    From OK Magazine
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  2. She's so adorable. I hope this Hollywood wedding lasts... :girlsigh:
  3. she looks great! YAY for her!!
  4. She is so pretty!
  5. Wow did he do good! He is quite ummm...not my type. He looks like he just rolled out of bed to attend. May they last for many years.
  6. he still looks like he just got out of bed. yuck
  7. She looks beautiful. I love her dress.
  8. they look happy.congrats to them :smile:
  9. I *adore* her birdcage veil!!!! Elegant, retro, effortless-looking! I wish those were available back when i got married.
  10. Way to shave for your own wedding photos. At least she looks beautiful. Did they sell the pictures to Ok!?

  11. I guess so? So far the only pictures that I've seen from her wedding are from OK!
  12. So beautiful! :girlsigh:
  13. I think so:yes:.

    She looks beautiful.
  14. Congrats to them, they both look great!! Katherine Heigl is one of my favorite actresses!
  15. She looks so stunningly beautiful! I had no idea she even tied the knot! Congrats to them both and I hope it lasts!