Katherine Heigl's Purse

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  1. I have no idea. It reminds me of an Isabella Fiore.
  2. I think it's an Isabelle Fiore too.
  3. I would have guessed Isabella Fiore too...
  4. It is IF...I think it's called the Carina Hobo.
  5. Yuk. She's a smoker.
  6. It's amazing how different some people look without their makeup!:nuts:
  7. eeww- she looks absolutely nasty in that pics! Kinda like Charlize Theron in Monster!
  8. I think her bag's an Isabella Fiore, but I don't think its the Carina (unless there are various styles of the Carina) - I have the Carina Metal of Honor and it looks nothing like that. (I didn't know she smoked!!!)
  9. I was thinking the same thing - not looking a whole lot like she did in "Knocked Up" - I thought she was so pretty - the smoking thing is so nasty - sorry I saw this photo. I don't like the bag either!!!!
  10. That is definitely an IF. Too bad she smokes. I just adore her in Grey's Anatomy.
  11. Thats quite a bag, I kind of like it. Its not the most flattering picture of her, I like her on Greys as well.
  12. I think she just started smoking pretty recently. I was talking to a friend who worked on "Knocked Up" and she mentioned that Katherine Heigl started smoking. Okay, she mentioned it AFTER I quizzed her about the stars (she also said she's very nice.)
  13. That is outside a hotel 5 minutes from my house! She is filiming a movie in Providence right now! I see her all over town lately, and she seems REALLY nice and fun in person. :drool:
  14. I love her bag, kind of funky. I think it's fantastic that she went out in public w/o make- up! Regardless of what people think of her without make- up, I really wish some of the gals on this forum wouldn't be so judgmental of her looks. Is that always the first thing that people have to comment on, is how unattractive someone is? The question was about who the designer was, not look at KH without her make-up. Comments like these just perpetuate the problem, with how vicious women are towards one another. Personally, kudos for KH running around sans make-up and just being a normal un diva like actor! Ease up guys. Can't there be a little less criticism?
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