Katherine Heigl's (dark brown/black hobo) bag in 27 Dresses?

  1. Hi all,

    I need your help! I really liked the black/dark brown hobo bag Katherine Heigl's character carries in "27 Dresses" -- she has two hobos, I remember, one in yam/yellowish brown and one in black/dark brown. It had hardware in the strap-part of the bag, like round links (similar to the photo below). If any of you have seen it, I'd love a heads-up :smile: thanks so much!

  2. Is this the bag you mean? I am not sure if this even from the movie, since I haven't seen it.

    Editing to add I just noticed you said dark brown and black. I'll see if I can find a better picture.
  3. i:heart:handbags, thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, this is the yam-yellow one I said she also used in the film. I am still trying to locate the dark one she used...

    Btw what is that bag in your avatar? It's LOVELY!
  4. Oohhh..pretty! I'd like to know too.

  5. It has a similar look to a Dautore...
  6. It's a Michael Kors Desert Drawstring Satchel
  7. Ok I found some photos -- not really great (face-front, or bag-front?) ones, but you see large parts of the bag. It seems to be a really dark brown with brass hardware.
    Images from heigl-fan.net

    Click the thumbnails to enlarge... thanks again ladies!
  8. It's cute!
  9. Thanks purseinsanity! any ideas? :smile: anyone? :smile:

    i:heart:handbags, thanks, it's really pretty :smile:
  10. Sometimes handbags and accessories are just props, and really don't have a designer label attached to them.....I don't know what bag that is......
  11. Oooh that dark bag is gorgeous! I have no idea who makes it though.
  12. I knudged my hubby in the movie when I first saw that bag. I love it too! I think I even posted about it here, but never heard bag. I couldn't find the picture though.
  13. I have been scouring online for quite some time looking for the bag, and though I would assue that premier props could easily look at the bag and attribute the correct brand to it, I can't find anything online of Lucky's that even remotely looks like this bag.

    And I really want one too! I've been looking for it ever since I saw the film a few weeks ago. Hmm. Oh well... if nothing else, I'm hoping at least that premiere props was correct and we know the manufacturer now.
  14. thanks for the update ladies, I will try and look for it still and keep you posted should I find anything! :biggrin: