katherine heigl's bag??

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  1. is it marc jacobs?
  2. It looks like it could be a marc jacobs - but I dont know much about marc jacobs bags so i could be very off.
  3. it looks like a gerard darel bag..not the drape bag..sorry i don't know the name.

  4. Yup, it's a new Gerard Darel bag. Wish we could find that one (along with all the rest in the States!).

    Wow, either the bag is bigger than I thought (I thought it was the same size as the "24" but with quilting) OR she's smaller than I thought.
  5. Yeah, I spent a lot of time searching for it. I loved the style combined with the quilting (and not too puffy either!) but I had no luck. I really liked the price, too, as I can't afford a chanel or MJ. Has anyone seen anything similar to this bag? I thought maybe marc by marc jacobs... Anyway, I didn't have any luck searching other brands.
  6. [​IMG]

    I think this bag is pretty darn close! It's Balenciaga.
  7. I think it's called the St. Germaine (?) Someone on TPF purchased one on a trip to Paris and posted photos. It was beautiful!
  8. oh dear, missisa. Now I am completely lusting after that bag. I think it would take all of my spending money for a YEAR though. :sad: *sigh* ...continues drooling...
  9. It's almost scary how alike those two bags look!

    I'm not sure how much the Balenciaga is. I don't have one in that style. It is TDF though. :drool:
  10. Found it online for about $1300. way out of my price range, sadly. Browsing the Bal Forum I saw that some lucky gals got it for around $700.

    Its funny how sometimes you see a bag and then find out it looks just like a much more expensive bag... I think I like the Bal better after seeing it in a gorg cobalt blue!! :drool: Unfortunately, being as I need to eat... I'll just drool over it for awhile :smile: hahaha
  11. Wow $700 is a great price for Balenciaga! Lucky gals! I tried googling Gerard Darel and his stuff seems really hard to find.
  12. ^ Very hard. Even his most popular bag, the regular 24 hours, is rather limited over here.

    The first store to make GD bags more accessible to US customers will make a lot of $$, I think. They should get to it! lol
  13. Linea Pelle is coming out with a quilted line which looks enough like this bag that I NEED it :smile: Check it out if you can't find the darel!