Katherine Heigl @ The Ivy

  1. Emmy Award-winning actress Katherine Heigl attracts massive attention as she takes a smoke break during lunch outside of the Ivy in Beverly Hills on Monday (she smoked natural American Spirit cigarettes).
    Paparazzi and fans swarmed the Grey’s Anatomy star, taking pictures and asking for autographs.
    Katherine and musician boyfriend Josh Kelley will be tying the knot during their December 23 wedding in the Park City–Deer Valley area.
    The season 4 premiere episode “A Change is Gonna Come” of Grey’s Anatomy airs next Thursday, Sept. 27 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.
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  2. She is such a cute girl! But with a cigarette, she's not so cute anymore :tdown:
    Why would she smoke in front of the cameras? Ivy is the place where you go if you wanna be seen, so did she want to be seen smoking?
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  3. Nice pics. She looks really good but she should stop smoking :sad:
  4. She looks so cute, and quite approachable there. Wish she would give up the cigs...
  5. I didn't expect that she would be a smoker, it doesn't suit her.
  6. She probably didn't specifically want to be "seen smoking" but she's clearly a smoker so why should she hide it?

    I smoked for 10 years and didn't care who saw me....it was nobody else's business what I did and why should someone have to hide it? You know?

    It is too bad that she smokes though (for obvious health reasons) but it doesn't change the way I feel about her as an actress.
  7. Anyone seen her in the cat food commercial on TV? It's a cute commercial but quite a come-down from the days when she was a rising movie star. Guess she needs to pay some bills.
  8. I think it's actually cat litter, not even cat food. Yikes!
  9. I don't know why she isn't working more. She's a good actress. I know she had a spat with Shonda and is reportedly difficult, but there are a lot of difficult actors who don't have trouble working. She was good in State of Affairs, but the supporting cast and writing weren't there.
  10. It is kitty litter lol. I was surprised to see her in that commercial. I guess her movie career isn't working out too well.
  11. If I remember correctly, she was arrogant in several interviews and lost the America's Sweetheart title. Kinda like how Megan Fox shot herself in the foot.
  12. She must be working, she was on Howard Stern this week.
    Actually IIRC she's working on a pilot and some charity or something.
  13. Most of the difficult actors that are still working are men :cool: *cough* Christian Bale *cough*
  14. you're right - kitty litter
  15. besides being a male, Christian Bale is a great actor. Katherine is a cute rom-com actress. But you have a point. I love Debra Winger and I think she pretty much lost her career when she got the "difficult" label.