Katherine Heigl Out And About

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  2. Nice pics!
  3. pretty lady...nice bag!
  4. She's cute although I don't like her smoking.
  5. Katherine looking as great as ever!
  6. She looks fabulous here!! It's nice to finally see her wearing pants that fit and aren't dragging all over the ground.
  7. She looks great. But I've been noticing that she has cigs with her at every photo op... :sad:
  8. always smoking.
  9. LOVE the bag...

    she is so cute, except for the nasty habit she picked up...
  10. LOVE love LOOOOVE her bag!!! She has my dream bag!!! And she looks beautiful........but not for long if she continues that yucky habit.
  11. I want her bag.
  12. Mmm love her Chanel GST! I agree about the smoking though, what a turn off!
  13. she looks good, love her bag!
  14. She's stunning as ever, and I love her bag, but she should not be smoking!! :yucky:
  15. Gorgeous Chanel!