Katherine Heigl Candids

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  2. she is really adorable
  3. I like her because she seems like a normal person, not all caught up in the Hollywood club scene or the scary skinny look. And I like her fiance's music!
  4. She's gorgeous looking, but I wish she'ld lose the ciggies
  5. love her!
  6. Love her!
  7. sorry, no matter how pretty she is she looks UGLY because she smokes! YUCK!
  8. That's too bad she smokes.... She's really cute though.
  9. she looks very cute.
  10. She seems much shorter than I thought and I feel sorry for her that she was caught eating!
  11. She's soo cute!
  12. I met her when I was in LA in August. She is very naturally pretty.
  13. not feelin her top - she needs a stylist
  14. i dont like her top. way too many fabric. lol
  15. Katherine Heigl out and about in L.A

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