Katherine Heigl Candids

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  2. She's pretty!
  3. Sometimes I think she's gorgeous and other times I think not so much....I can't decide with her!!
  4. I love her. nice to see a wome in hollywood not rail thin.
  5. ^^ITA loved her in knocked up
  6. She looks like a female pro-golfer, but she's still hot nonetheless.

    She looks very down-to-earth. Even in these pics, she's actually waving politely to the photographers instead of looking grouchy or flipping them off.
  7. she seems like a tall person and those pants are still so long on her. how does she walk?! i'm short, sheez, and i always have to hem jeans/pants. guess i won't be buying her brand because half the pants would have been altered off!
  8. I have those jeans, they're the best. They feel like sweats and they're very flattering :smile:
  9. Like when she is photoshopped and not. Although I did think she looked nice in Knocked up but they can digitally fix problems too. Loved her in roswell.
  10. She's hilarious in knocked up. I remember seeing her in a movie called Wish Upon A Star. She was so young in that movie.
  11. She's cute.
  12. She is so pretty.