Katherine Heigl - candids visits a friend in LA 19-09-2007

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  2. love her bag. :heart:
  3. She looks so cute! Love her bag, it's really gorgeous.
  4. I love her style. She looks effortlessly chic!
  5. Not loving the jeans. She does look good though!
  6. Not a fan of the jeans either but the shirt and belt are really nice!!
  7. Love her!
  8. Love the car.
  9. Must be just me but I don't think she's all that pretty, last year's Emmy's was the only time I thought she looked really great...
  10. I love the belted sweater, and the bag. I like the pants, but they are a bit too long, either hem them or get a bigger heel. I think she looks great.
  11. ^^^ITA! I do not find her at all attractive, she is just blah IMO. I also find her self-serving personality to be really repulsive. Everytime she is interviewed she turns it into this I saved TR Knight and I accept everyone crap. If you really accept everyone you wouldn't need to constantly be affirming it all the time! Argh she drives me nuts.