Katherine Heigl @ ‘27 Dresses’ Premiere

  1. Katherine Heigl cozies up to musician husband Josh Kelley at the premiere of 20th Century Fox’s 27 Dresses held at the Mann Village on Monday in Los Angeles.
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  2. she looks pretty. love her pearl necklace. :heart:
  3. Spectacular!!
  4. ooh.. I love the dress!
  5. I cant wait to see this movie!
  6. she looks incredible, so adorable with her new husband! :heart:
  7. Ohh she is really lovely! Love the whole look!
  8. That dress is amazing!!!
  9. Ellen Pompeo at the The World Premiere of “27 Dresses”
    smallellenpompeo.jpg smallellenpompeo2.jpg
  10. Christy Turlington at the The World Premiere of “27 Dresses”

    Jennifer Love Hewitt at the The World Premiere of “27 Dresses”

    Maria Menounos at the The World Premiere of “27 Dresses”
    smallchristyturlington.jpg smalljenniferlovehewitt.jpg smalljenniferlovehewitt2.jpg smallmariameneous.jpg smallmariameneous2.jpg
  11. Katherine looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I didn't think so before, but her hubby is cute!
  12. Wow she looks great, even though I'm passing up this movie :p
  13. They look good together.
  14. She looks pretty and what a cute couple :smile:
  15. Gorgeous people! I want to go see this movie! *adds to my ever growing movie list :wacko:*