Katharine McPhee

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    After two straight weeks of heavy promotion for her self-titled debut album which took her from coast to coast and back again, 'American Idol' reject Katharine McPhee treated herself to a a little shopping spree today, but not before she and a pal hit up a trendy New York City cafe for cappucinos and pastries.
  2. She looks pretty and fresh-faced.
  3. She looks very pretty!
  4. She looks gorgeous!
  5. She's pretty!
  6. she's so pretty! and the promotion must be working....i bought her album today. :smile: its good in a girl pop way.
  7. Looks very pretty
  8. I love her coat and hair. :smile:
  9. wow... she IS pretty!! but does she have fake eyelashes on? just for shopping?
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    Earlier in the day, it was all work work work for the 22-year-old chanteuse, who dropped by the MTV set of 'Total Request Live where she performed her first single, 'Over It.'
  11. She is beautiful and I like her Jimmy Choo.
  12. I'm sorry aren't her 15 mins of fame over? She wasn't the Amiercan Idol!!!!
  13. She's pretty but I think she is trying to hard to be sexy with her new album. It's like a little girl playing dress up.
  14. She has amazing skin.
  15. Love the Choo!
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