Katharine McPhee single........OVER IT.....

  1. I like it. I voted for her last year but stupid TH won instead...............uh he stinks compared to her.

    The video is pretty cool, she looks really pretty in it.
  2. i love this song... i listen to it everytime i need a picker-upper but alas, it's only a temporary relief
  3. btw is it just me or did she get a bit slim since her AI days?
  4. Yeah she did lose alot of weight she looks great. I wish I could lose some darn weight DARN IT!
  5. I like her, but I'll admit I voted for Taylor since he was different. I bought his CD too. Don't throw things at me lol.
  6. I was at the American Idol finale last year and she sounded amazing!! Blew Taylor away but I knew he was going to win because he came off as very likeable. Her voice is very commercial, and with her new body (I think I read she lost 15-20 lbs?) and good looks I'm sure she'll be very popular.
  7. ^^ How do you get to go to those shows anyway?
  8. I didnt vote but I agree about Taylor! Definitely a sweetie
  9. I like that song. I agree about it being a mood picker-upper.
  10. I really really liked the song... and then I got the CD... and once I realized that every song sounds the same, I was definitely over her music. I did like her on Idol, very much so. Kind of disappointed she didn't put Over the Rainbow on her cd. Bummer.
  11. i like taylor because he's different and fun, but i think katherine mcphee has better pop/sales appeal. i bought both albums, but listen to hers more (love story is my favorite track). but if it came down to seeing someone in person, i'd choose taylor any day.
  12. Ocatv.com - it's a waiting list and a group of co-workers didn't hear anything for any of the previous shows, but somehow got notified for the finale! And they were each allowed to bring up to two other people, so I was one of the lucky tagalongs. :smile: It was really neat seeing the red carpet and seeing so many celebs around, but I get starstruck easily, so it was probably just me. The singing performances sound 10x better in person than on TV, for sure! :jammin:
  13. I saw the video last night... uhh. well I'm not really into it