Katharine McPhee: Charity Gala (11/25/06)

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  2. She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Yeah, I agree, very pretty!
  4. shes gorgeous!
  5. She has incredible skin! I never realized how beautiful she was during AI?!!
  6. I love her dress! She looks really pretty! She is really pretty! She has a really nice body!
  7. she looks great!
  8. gorgeous
  9. Did anyone else think she looked sickly at the AMAs? She was very waify and thin...
  10. Whoever her stylist is should be commended. She looks beautiful everywhere I see her photographed lately. Very beautiful.
  11. She looks great and her makeup looks awesome!!
  12. Stunning...I love her makeup and her poses !
  13. looking great
  14. She's looking better and better every time I see pictures of her! She looks great!
  15. Gorgeous!