Kate's Not so Hot

  1. By connerl_showbiz SkyNews - Monday, April 2
    Beautiful, stylish and stunning - just three words that spring to mind when you think about Kate Moss.

    But apparently, she ain't all she used to be, according to one lads' mag...
    She's set to be booted out of FHM's list of the world's 100 sexiest women.
    This may come as quite a shock to her - after all, she has been on it for the last 10 years.
    FHM executive editor Chris Bell said: "In the fashion world Kate is considered one of the most beautiful women, but according to FHM readers she's past it.
    "Kate's alleged hard party lifestyle is starting to take its toll and she's definitely starting to look a little weathered.
    "Kate's size zero look might be winning her million dollar fashion contracts, but the average guy on the street prefers someone much more womanly."
    Votes are still being counted, btw, and the final list will be out in May.
  2. She's starting to remind me of one of those British prostitutes from the 1800's.

    "Would you like some company, Guv'nor?"
  3. Ha! That's funny! She annoys me now. She will always be an icon, but I have no respect for her....I wonder how her "rehab" is holding up these days? I would not care if she didn't have a daughter.
  4. I think of 3 words alright when think about Ms Moss, but they sure aint Beautiful, stylish and stunning ;)
  5. I can think of two: Enough, already!

    I'm sick of her and I can't understand her appeal.
  6. sorry but i have to have another opinion LOL
    she's always beautiful to me :p her private life, i don't care... like who's perfect anyway, but she's very open to her flaws unlike some celebs who's been looking perfect. she's real.

  7. Her appeal is that she is simply cool!She has an amazing style,absoloutely brilliant and she is the best model since Jean Shrimpton.
    Kate Moss might not appeal to FHM readers,but she influences the masses like no other female living celeb today!
    Who cares if she is not on FHM list alongside Jordan,Jodie Marsh,Kelly Brook and others sex kittens of the month.
    She is on her own level!

  8. OMG, i LOVE u :yes:
    i agree with everything u said...
  9. I have never understood the appeal of Kate Moss.
  10. Kate Moss looks GROSS, has terrible fashion style that everyone thinks is so amazing and I cant understand why, has bad teeth, flat hair, and I could go on and on.

    Her boyfriend should be dead already and the fact that he is still alive and doing drugs is amazing. He gives interviews while smoking crack out of lightbulbs. And people think hes some cool celeb???

    They both look like they are half in the grave and I feel sorry for her daughter.
  11. i understand why she's considered beautiful in fashion circles, but i don't think she's at all attractive to most men, which is what that list measures.

    i say more power to them for including women with a tad more meat on their bones (even if those women are still extremely skinny, it's still a step in the right direction).
  12. I think she might be great model, but in real life she is too thin, she looks like teenager, I do not find that attractive at all.
  13. I've always thought she looks like a woman who lives in a shelter, with her drug habit and rotten, ugly teeth.
  14. I love Kate! But no kidding she didn't make FHM. That's for cury, breasted woman. Kate's a model & fashion icon, not a blonde bombshell!
  15. I never thought she was beautiful or stylish...so, I couldn't care less if she was off that list...just my honest opinion!!!!