Kate's dress??

  1. I absolutely love this cute mini dress that Kate is wearing. Do any of you know who makes it?
    Thanks!:love: :love:
    1450689.jpg 1450755.jpg 1450686.jpg
  2. Looks vintage to me.
  3. Its probably from Top Shop - looks familiar
  4. ^^I was thinking maybe topshop. Too bad we don't have one in Vancouver!! I'm going to London though in December so hopefully I can find something similar then. Thanks for the info ladies!
  5. there is a similar dress on the TS website in black and white
  6. It looks alot like Marc at Marc Jacobs too :smile:
  7. Thanks--I'll check!
  8. i love that dress! also her bag :P
  9. I don't know about the dress, but that print is Marcus Brothers Aunt Grace. It's a line of 30's retro prints and you can find it in the fabric stores and online. Check the quilting shops first if you want the fabric. The dress is simple styling so you can get a seamstress to make it up for you or you can do it yourself if you know how to sew.
  10. I don't know who makes it...but it sure is cute!!!
  11. Thanks Kate for the info!