"Kates" collection!!!

  1. Here's my collection! I did not name each bag individually, but please dont hesitate to ask if you want to know a style, designer, color, etc...

    Most of these were purchased before my discovery of the purse forum (with the exception of the balenciaga's) but this forum has not been nice to my bank account!!! i have 3-4 more bags on the way!!!!....

    I have never really attached photos before, but I hope this works. Everyone's collections are amazing!!!! So fun!:smile:
    Bag family.jpg family close up 1.jpg family close up 2.jpg
  2. Very nice collection- Love the BBags in this pic[​IMG]
  3. Great collection-love your balenciagas!! thanks for sharing!!
  4. Wow great collection! I love that you have a little (or a lot in some cases) of everything!!!!!
  5. What a great collection you have! So many beautiful styles and colours.
  6. WOW - what a collection.
    Would like som info on the brown on the right hand side, just in front of your Burberry.
  7. Great collection, I love all the Balenciagas!!
  8. This is a great collection!
  9. Thanks everyone!!! It's always so nice to get compliments on my FAVORITE belongings...it's so fun to talk to people who are just as obsessed as me:smile: my husband says everyday how crazy it is that we all get together and discuss "purses" but i think it's completely normal!! lol. Thanks again yall! u r the best!
  10. simply stunning!!!!! love the balenciaga's & chloe
  11. gorgeous collection! thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi Lilled! That bag is a marc jabobs (i think that's the one you are referring to?)--i got it the summer of 2005, and it has been one of my favorites. I believe it was $1295??? Stupidly, before i got on the tpf i never really made an effort to keep tags or anything (i still have a few, but def not all) and so i cant tell you the style number (or what the card says)...i've attached some pics that might help! it's a great bag! i dont know if he does it anymore, but i love how his stuff is always so durable! :yes:
    DSC00037.jpg DSC00038.jpg
  13. :p My puppy Bruiser got his feelings hurt when I was taking pics of the bags without him...he got up there and modeled...what a show off! so, i dont want to "offend" him again...he wanted to show you his bag!
    bruiser and his bags 1.jpg Bruiser and his bags 2.jpg
  14. GORGEOUS collection!!! I am IN LOVE with your Balenciagas!!!:nuts::love:
  15. ^ Thanks H_addict!!!...i just followed the link to your collection, and i am in awe...you have some of most gorgeous bags i have ever seen. i LOVE your pink hermes!!!!!