Katelyn Sneakers or Quinn Sunglasses?

  1. Hey Ladies, need some help on a purchase:

    I'm narrowed it down to either the Katelyn Sneakers or Quinn Sunglasses. Some background: I'm a college student, so I would use both on a daily basis (although I'd probably not wear the sneakers everyday since I have others & many flip-flops ;) ). I have some concerns about both, though:

    Katelyn Sneakers (Khaki/White) $108
    Are Coach sneakers worth it? Are they practical for a student like me (to run around in on sunny days)? Are they hard to clean? Or should I just get some nice Pumas for less? Also, I found some on eBay for about $20 than buying it in the store -- where should I buy it?
    --Also, would it be tacky to wear these shoes with a Coach purse of the same pattern & colors? I happen to love the Khaki/White combo..;)

    Quinn Sunglasses (Gunmetal) $168
    I have a pair of Guess black glasses that I wear all the time, but I'm getting tired of them. I've been shopping for Coach sunglasses for awhile, but their styles don't seem to click for me, so I wait. I tried these on in the store and they were pretty good; I'm just worried that they seem kind of delicate, especially because they're aviator & therefore, thin frames. Are these worth it? Or should I just buy a cheaper pair somewhere else?

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. I have the katelyn sneakers in white/khaki. I bought them on eBay for like $80. Brand new.

    I haven't worn them yet and I have had them for a couple months. I am going to soon! I promised myself this! LOL

    There are a couple threads around here that are very informative about cleaning of them and more.

    I'd say get the sneakers. I am not too found of the glasses...;)
  3. I'd buy the sneakers-- they are cute! The sunglasses were "boring" to me.
  4. I just bought my sister Coach sneakers (will post pics soon) and they are the black and white mono Cs. She hasnt worn them a lot yet but the quality is great, they are so comfortable and stylish and I think they should be easy to clean.
  5. If I was to choose, I would pick the sneakers. They are very cute! I personally think Coach is known for their quality leather and fabrics like in their bags and accessories so thats what I buy from them. I can't see spending big money on Coach sunglasses or lipstick etc... you're really just paying for the name with those items. IMO...
  6. I say go with the sneakers. It does not sound as if you "love" the glasses and to spend the $$ on sunglasses you need to love them.
  7. i love my katelyns...go for it!
  8. I vote for the Katelyn sneakers. They're so cute!!
  9. I love the sneaks and almost got them myself during PCE. Just a note on the sunglasses, I have a pair of silver aviators from Coach, the Lafayette's from last year (maybe the year before). They are gorgeous and are not at all delicate. I think Coach sunglasses are well worth the money. I almost see the sunglasses as something you would get more use out of..you could wear through every season, where the sneakers to me seem more spring, summery (unless you live in the south then you could get away with year round).