Kate witH LV:)

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG]:love: :love:
  2. i miss the damier vernis line... D:
  3. i love kate soooo much
    i'm glad lv used her on the campaign. i love the bag in teh fisrt pic, anyone know the name and the price? thanks :P
  4. she's one of my faves too ;) here's a couple more:
  5. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :girlsigh: Thanks for the pics guys!:flowers:
  6. what is the name of the bag in the second pic from deluxeduck? the one with kate lying on the sand? it looks like a version of the theda!! it's beautiful :tender: !!!
  7. it's the special edition suede Theda with crystal monogram. i think a PF member has one.
  8. Great pics guys..

    she's so pretty in here plus I love that bracelet

  9. :: Drooling:: Is it bad that I want everything pictured :nuts: :lol:
  10. i love this pictureeeeeeeeeeeeee:heart: :love:
  11. That charm bracelet is beautiful but HEAVY! Really, I tried one on at the San Francisco store with only three charms on it. Then I tried it on with no charms - still Heavy! Whew - but darn luscious anyway....
  12. She knows how to work those Louis'!
  13. *drool* it's BEAUTIFULL!! :love: and I take it as no longer available? :shame:
  14. Holycrap! :wtf: I had no idea these were also Kate Moss!!!
    She looks...different :lol: