Kate Walsh showes off her new dark and long 'do'

  1. Kate Walsh stops by the Ed Sullivan theater to tape an appearance for The Late Show with David Letterman, showing her support for Pedigree’s “Dogs Rule!” campaign and Democratic candidate Barack Obama (check out the pin on her coat!).
    On Letterman, Kate, 40, shared a little bit about her newly adopted dog, Flower. The Private Practice star said Flower was a mutt, part-labrador and either part-rottweiler or part-German shepherd.
    Kate also showed off her new dark and extra-long hair.
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg
  2. wow, and she wears all black. couldnt tell what she was wearing exactly.
  3. cute doggy! :love:
  4. she looks fine :tup:
  5. I kind of like it!
  6. What kind of dog is that? It's adorable!
  7. I liked her red hair..but she can wear this too.
  8. I like her red hair too.. this hair color washes her out
  9. That puppy is soo cute! And Kate looks good too.
  10. The Pedigree Dogs Rule campaign is great, anything to cut down on the amount of in animals in shelters. She looks cuter with lighter hair though IMO.
  11. I like her w/ red hair better!
  12. On Letterman she said it's a mix of Rottweiler and Labrador. It's so cute!