KATE Tassels Issue

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  1. Hi everyone! I’m new to Saint Lauren Kate tassels bag. I love the tassels and finally bought a new one. Just realised that that the tassels length are uneven. Is that normal? Can tassel bag owners have a look st your beauty and let me know? Many thanks!

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  2. pursebab,

    That tassel bag looks like so much fun!

    While I do not have that style bag myself, I did see several pictures of them listed online where the tassels were slightly uneven just like yours. So, while it is not perfect; it is normal.

    If it bothers you, you could probably clip the bottom link off of the long ones. Nail clippers might be strong enough; and if not, wire cutters definitely would be.

    One final note, the tassel is close enough that I doubt many people will notice the slight unevenness when you are carrying it.
  3. Great!! Thank you so much for your reply! Good to know that it is normal as it is a beauty and fun bag to use with the tassels!

    I will likely to just clip the last 2 links off the longest tassel as it does bother me a bit. But as you said most people won’t even notice it!

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