Kate Spade?

  1. The only designer bags I have so far are my Kate bags... I'm wondering why she doesn't seem very popular on the boards here. Any ideas?
  2. i am new here, but from what i have learned, most people in here do not consider kate spade as designer bags (correct me if i am wrong).
  3. personally i LOVE kate spade bags.. i love the design and style. Although it is not as high end as most designers on this board, i feel that kate spade is no less "designer" than coach. The only diff is that coach has been getting huge wave of popularity recently..... Lately kate spade has these pebble leather stuff that looks so nice that ive been eyeing...
    anyways, if u like the brand/style, thats more impt than whats "hot".... and i feel that it is a good price range to start off if ur just easing into the whole bag obessession!=)
  4. I consider her designer, but not premium designer - I think that's how Saks.com groups the designers{?}
    Her styles are not as hard to obtain as others, so I think there's a little less demand for htem.
    I like some of her bags, I've been a loyal KS diaper bag carrier for 6 yrs!
  5. Yea, that's how I classify my bags (thanks Saks). :smile: My Nordies just started selling KS (or I just noticed it) and there were a few bags that I really liked. It's something that I may check out, but I have a list to follow.
  6. You have a list to follow? OOh so what's on the list?

    Anyway, I don't care much for Kate Spade. Some of the bags are cute, but they don't really grab me.

    And I am on the same page with the SAKS classification; I would not consider it a premium designer.

    On another note lately people have been asking if my birkin is a Kate Spade bag. :shrugs:
  7. I love Kate Spade, but it's not as "high end" as LV, Chanel, etc. I consider Kate Spade to be on the same level as Coach.

  8. :lol: Girl, there is too much stuff to list. Then when I buy random stuff like Kate Spade bags and wristlets, it's hard to move my ever growing list.

    Now you know, :angel: bless the heart of the person who thought your birkin was a KS bag because they knew no different. :lol:
  9. I would agree that Kate Spade is a mid-range designer, comparable with Coach. It seems that so much of her line always ends up marked way down only a few months later that I am loathe to buy any of it at full retail. That said, I have almost as much KS as I do Coach (i.e. at least 10-15 pieces), but nearly all of it is from sales, off-price stores or eBay.

    I was especially fond of her vachetta trimmed nylon bags, so I have 5 of them (different styles, all either red or black nylon), and all except one from eBay. I also loved the nylon bags in Wisteria (a blueish lilac, now discontinued) and was able to get the Sam and Fe bags in that color and marked way down at NM, as well as a makeup bag. I really love the style of the Fe bag (open tote with metal feet) and wish I could find more of them in other colors/patterns.
  10. yeah I own some Kate Spade bags, they r so cute but do agree with the other posts, they are not as high-end compared to the Guccis, Prada, Chanel, or LV... definitely in the same league as Coach...

  11. LOL...How is birkin even close to KS?? That's funny you have people asking you that question.
  12. I love her satin/nylon messenger.. I have two of them...

    She's designer... she's just not Chloe, or Fendi, or Prada, or LV... etc, etc.
  13. I, personally, love Kate Spade, but I realize many do not consider her very high-end. I like the fact that you can tell it's a Kate Spade but it's not as cloying as some other designer bags can be. I also like leather but also like other easy-to-use fabrics (especially if I can walk in the rain with it), and that also makes me love KS. Also, the sales are great.
  14. kate spade nylon bags are the best. its very durable.
    and if you get the black one, it does not show if it is dirty.
  15. I buy Kate Spade for things that are "disposable" eg. cheap enough to allow me to change very quickly, for instance card holders and wallets. I wouldn't buy their bags because they just don't seem to keep their value. But I do like their stuff, all those fun colors.