Kate Spade

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  1. so what do people think of the her bags? Like/dislike? Any favorites? or especial dislikes. What about the quality?
  2. In my experience her quality has been fabulous. I've owned 3 of her bags and still carry a Kate Spade Baby Bag. I'm a little "over it" right now because I've been carrying them for a long time, but I think KS is a timeless classic now.
  3. I like some of the Kate Spade bags, though some styles (such as the Sam) seem to be "out." I recently picked up a small Melanie bag in anthracite on sale at katespade.com, and it's cute as a casual evening bag. I have a few other leather Kate Spade bags that I still like - I'll be pulling the pink ones out of their dustbags when Spring comes.
  4. We don't really hear as much about Kate Spade anymore. And I haven't seen as many ads around as she used to send out -- there used to be really nice, well done, spreads in the major magazines. Maybe her company is just not as popular now?
  5. I have two Kate Spades and I love them both, but I don't like a lot of her collection. A lot of it is hit and miss to me, and I am a bit sad she moved production from Italy to China. I have a Sloane Street small rue in black leather, and a kariba small annemarie. Pics are in the photo gallery thread.
  6. I used to adore Kate Spade bags. I still use a baby bag, but notice discoloration starting to happen - it looks like something behind the material is starting to "come through" - turning a section of my bag a grayish color. When that happened, I sold most of my other Kate Spades. Once in a great while, I find some of her designs pretty.
  7. I have a kate spade gold wristlet that I like very much, but overall I've just not been "wowed" by her bags. Either the colors don't work for me, or the bags are just a little too small, or don't have any interior pockets (a must for me).
  8. I'm not crazy over KS bags - they are a bit too simplistic for me. But, I do like her other accessories such as ipod cases and I just bought a new, basic black wallet that is Kate Spade and I like it alot.
  9. I actually just purchased a Kate Spade bag. I am not fond of all her stuff but loved the color of the leaf green leather on the bag I purchased. Hope it's as beautiful as the picture on her site.
  10. I have a wallet that I love. Used it all last summer and held up very well.
  11. I've amassed a bit of a KS collection. I tend to buy things from her that seem more unique to me and less popular in a sense - I've never seen anyone else carry the same KS bags that I own. I stay away from the nylon line - although durable and classic, too commercial for my taste.
  12. i'm not a fan of ks bags, just haven't found any that called my name. but i do have a bunch of ks accessories, 2 wallets, an ipod case and a key fob. love the wallets, basic, reasonably priced and they've held up well.
  13. She's so high school to me. So many ppl had her bags when I was there. Now that I'm grown I dont want one bcuzz they were so overdone in school (which I wasnt really into them then either).
  14. I don't own any Kate bags since I just started my collection very recently but I like her casual totes in simple colors. However I stay away from some of the too flowery ones.
  15. I love her nylon collection although it is one of the most copied bags (especially the SAM). I love her evening collections generally. I get them either on Bluefly or eBay.