Kate Spade

  1. <Sigh> I went shopping today in Charlotte at the mall where the new Hermes will be. Of course I had to take a peek down there and they already have the orange framing set up...I got so excited just looking at it. So then I went into LV and browsed. Of course I was carrying my birkin. While I was sitting down looking at the shoes, this young lady came over to me and said, " I really like your bag. Is it Kate Spade? Its really hot!"

    I think I physically recoiled for a nanosecond. But I recovered, smiled graviously, and responded that it was not in fact Kate Spade, but Hermes.

    Later, at Bob Ellis the SA (standing in a store with Gucci, Prada, YSL, and Bottega bags) asked what kind of bag I was carrying. :wtf: I guess I naively thought that a SA working in a store carrying high end bags would recognize Hermes bags...especially the oft photographed birkin.

    But back to the original issue...that of Kate Spade...I think my birkin had a heart attack. This is the SECOND time :hysteric: someone has asked if my birkin is a Kate Spade. I'm trying to figure out why someone would even make that connection.
  2. okay . . . you guys will laugh at and ridicule me behind closed doors. . . but, not all of us know about Birkins and Hermes!
    I don't! I may know one if I saw one because of this Forum, but I wouldn't know any other Hermes handbag personally.
    I'd bet 99% of people have NO idea what a Birkin looks like. But more people can afford Kate Spade, so they recognize them quicker.

    I don't know. . . just a thought!
  3. KATE SPADE?!?!?!?!? Dear Lord, why?!?!?! wow, nathansgirl....who were these people? Actually I got something similar with my Chocolate Sellier Kelly and a LV SA a little while ago who thought she was a Birkin ....at least though he was in the general area! But, Kate SPADE?

    Hey, wait a minute. Doesn't she do brightly colored bags? Anyone? If she's the one I'm thinking of then maybe it's the color of your baby and not the style?
  4. Kate Spade makes a bag called Sam that is shaped like the Birkin, except with longer handles. It is boxy but without the details like the lock and hardware.
  5. The only thing I can think Nathansgirl is that Kate Spade has that typical square bag look on many of her early, classic bags...the ones that put her on the map. A birkin is a bit square and straight. Also, Kate Spade is all over the place and people see it when they shop...so it comes to mind.
  6. wow....I'd love to see it, any pics birkinbaby?
  7. Hi birkinbaby! Miss you. Glad to see you!!!
  8. I'm with shopmom on this. I pass by a Kate Spade counter pretty often whenever I shop at a up-scale mall. Kate Spade does have lots of eye-popping bright color bags.
  9. Look at it this way Nathansgirl...you wouldn't really want everyone eye-balling your bag and knowing it is Hermes anyway...Near where I live...they would steal it in a heartbeat and sell it for serious $...Just love the fact that you know and most otehr people don't! Safer that way!
  10. Ditto!
  11. Well ladies I think you all are on to something. Kate Spade does in fact do colorful bags and with those shapes in her line, I guess someone would think it is Kate Spade. And swankymam, you definitely have a point about awareness and also affordability being a factor in what people recognize. I wonder if all this will change when Hermes comes to that mall though.

    I hope so.
  12. You're right. I hadn't thought about it that way. I will keep that in mind. Don't want to attract unwanted attention.
  13. yea, i agree w/ kellybag on this one. who cares if others don't recognize the brand or model. with all the shady people out there these days, it's always best (& 1,000 xs safer) to be incognito. this probably also accounts for why i spot most H bags in my local neighborhood vs. downtown.
  14. No, being incognito is fine with me. But still its just shocking...that's all. :jammin:
  15. oh my gosh sorry but it sounds funny . but i once had a similar experience when carrying a bolide to starbucks. there was agroup of girls on the next table (obviously vuitton obsessed) and they saw my bolide and one of them whispered to the other "look at that bad alma fake" :shocked: :roflmfao:
    so my guess goes to they are simply not informed so don´t worry as long as we love our bags i think its fine