Kate Spade

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  1. I have an acquaintance looking for a Kate Spade backpack for her daughter at a discounted price. I have no idea where to get such an item, so I thought I'd ask y'all. We're in North Texas, so in this area or somewhere online would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. check the website...they have sales all the time. katespade.com
  3. I've seen some on eBay but don't take the seller's word saying it's authentic. If you know what the real one looks like and what the warning signs of a fake are, you can bid with confidence. Use this site, it's been very helful to me and my BF: www.ihatecounterfeitbags.info

    It's a kate spade guide to identifying if a bag you're looking at is real or fake. Good luck!
  4. I don't know about backpack but I saw some on Net-a-porter they are on sale!!! You can check them out, if you don't mind order online.
  5. Here is a Kate Spade backpack I saw at NeimanMarcus.com. It is not on sale though. It costs $130.