Kate Spade?

  1. Is there a section to talk about Kate Spade bags? I'm usually in the Coach section but I saw this awesome bag yesterday that I can't stop thinking about. It's black and white zebra print with black patent trim. I think I'm going to go back today and buy it. Does anyone else have it? Are Kate Spade bags worth the money? This one is $375 I think. Is there any way to get them cheaper?

    Anyway, just curious...:smile:
  2. Check out Kate Spade online store. She has a sale section there but if the bag you are talking about is new, it might not be there yet. Last year, I fell in love with one of her bags and found an online 25% coupon.
  3. I LOVE my KS bags. While they don't always stand out as much as others, they're usually very classic and easy to wear season after season. I find myself going back to mine repeatedly over bags that cost three times as much. There should be a really big sale coming up in the next few months, and things often go on sale on the site, but if you can find a coupon to use that would be even better. In my experience, you never know what's going to sell out or be discontinued.

    Ebags sometimes has some great deals on KS bags.