Kate Spade Wallets

  1. I was browsing through a reputable local department store and came across a section of kate spade wallets. I haven't really seen Kate spade stuff before (except online) and I looked at some of the stuff closely, with the idea of buying myself a 'designer wallet'

    Unfortunately all the wallets I saw were a) Nylon b) looked rather cheap and c) right at the top when you opened the coin purse part (not the place where you put credit cards/bills) it said "Made in China" in rather large letters!

    I must add that I have nothing against products made in china, but other handbags which are made in china advertise it rather more discreetely.

    It put me in mind of a cheap wallet the could be picked up from any street corner...this was not a fake, the store is a reputable one.

    Does Kate Spade come off as looking...'cheapish' for lack fo a better word?
  2. I usually buy Kate Spade wallets & business card holders as gifts. I like that its affordable & of good quality. I never really checked where its made though...but now that you mentioned it I'm most certainly be aware of it.

    I'm not a big fan of Kate Spade's nylon material goods but the brand is known for its classic nylon handbags. I love the leather wallets & shoes too.

  3. I did not see anything leather. This was all nylon stuff. The leather looks nice, online.

    I'm not too much of a fan of nylon bags anyway..
  4. Here's a few leather & canvass Kate Spade wallets I got from her website:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Oh, they look really pretty. The ones I saw didn't look like those at all!
  6. I love mine. I have the pink wallet pictured in black with tan interior. It is slick and fabulous quality. It still smells like heavenly leather after a few years of use!
  7. i have a nylon one. i dont use it anymore but when i used to use it, i beat up on it badly... and i must tell you.... it is very durable......
  8. Hm...I have two Kate Spade wallets and they haven't held up so well for me. I use to be so crazy about Kate Spade!! Sadly, the purses and wallets have quality issues and I'd just rather spend my money on something that will last. Now, they are all sitting in my closet waiting for eBay I guess (just too lazy).
  9. I have a black one that I use for my black bags. It is simple which I like especially if my black bags have more adornment on it.
  10. I don't have a wallet but I have her bags, nylon and those made of other materials. Very durable I must say and have no complaints so far.