Kate Spade wallet

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  1. Just bought this (Mikas Pond Lacey Wallet) totally on impulse...never even been inside a Kate Spade store before this. Does anyone have this or other KS wallets? What are they like, quality-wise? How do Kate Spade bags compare to Coach/Michael Kors/Cole Haan bags, for example?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I have a brightly patterned (red zebra stripe) patent Kate Spade of the same design as yours. It is one of my favorite wallets because of its useful organization. Good choice cncm.

    I have several wallets that I rotate so I cannot tell you how it has held up over very heavy use, but it seems very well made. I like it better than my LV even. I have a Michael Kors, too, but I like the KS better.
  3. I have been eyeing this one for ages and almost bought it during the F&F sale last weekend! Could you post pics when you get it? I've been wondering how bright the sugared grape color is in person.
  4. Stunning color!
  5. I like it, too.
  6. The color is what got me to pull the trigger! I've been looking for a brightly colored purple (or pink) wallet for awhile now. Will post picture when I get it.
  7. Thanks! That's good to know...I'm not too familiar with the brand as there's no stores near me. I got this cos it seemed to hold a lot and I love the color. Can't wait to get it in the mail!
  8. I don't have one but I really want a smaller kate spade wallet because I try not to carry too many cards with me. They seem pretty, functional and not bulky. I also think the spade at the closure is adorable.
  9. I have a Grant Park Stacy, and it seems to be holding up well. I've had it for about a month, and all seems well with it quality wise.
  10. I've been using Kate Spade wallets for years -- currently, I'm using a black zip-around patent leather wallet from the Pasadena line. It's holding up amazingly well for me. I'm a big believer in KS wallets, so enjoy! :smile:
  11. I just bought this the other day on their F&F sale and I love it!!!! Perfect for organization and beautiful color. I am very happy with this purchase and would def recommend! [​IMG]
  12. I have the same wallet in red and have been using it daily for about a year. Apart from a few light scratches on the surface (which almost disappear completely after conditioning with leather gel) and slightly worn out corners, the leather still looks wonderful and the wallet, almost brand new. Like kerrilynn1982, I would recommend Kate Spade for her wallets.
  13. Thanks for the review! It looks like a vibrant fuchsia or magenta from your photo--would you say that is accurate?
  14. i like it too:cloud9:
    wanna get one
  15. Just got the wallet yesterday...the color is a pretty purple/magenta. I really like it! Glad I made the impulse buy :smile: