Kate Spade Saturday A-Satchel Medium in Plum

  1. I have been stalking this bag for a while, I actually purchased the smaller version on cyber Monday and for me it was just too small, so I re-ordered the medium and its true love. The leather is very soft and will admit scratches easily however I feel like this style is so classic I will have her forever and will love the way the leather ages. The color is actually slightly darker in person. I am tempted to get another color...anyways my new addition!!

  2. Also love the back small flap pockets, also has one on the front, very cute detail!
  3. lovely color!
  4. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing - the leather looks scrumptious and the color is beautiful. Then again I haven't seen a KS leather bag in a color that was bleh.
  5. The lining is really cute! I've never seen this in person before, but now I'm curious.
  6. The purple is gorgeous! I love the lining too. Congrats!!
  7. She's pretty and I love the color!
  8. Heyyyy.... I love that purple!!!

  9. Thanks, I'm a sucker for a purple bag!!
  10. Do you have any pictures wearing the bag? I'm considering one, but there are basically no pictures other than the website's of people actually holding them :sad:

  11. I'll try to get some up this week, we have had a snowstorm and I haven't left the house or put on make-up in days! however there are several on pinterest if that helps!
  12. Oh that is beautiful!
  13. So so so pretty! I love it.