Kate Spade Samson Wellesley bag

  1. I've been admiring this bag on a coworker for a while ( I haven't asked her much about is as she is a "big boss"), so I was wondering if anyone has this bag and/or what anyone's opinion on the quality or Kate Spade in general. I've never really gotten into her until I saw this bag (something about it appeals to me which is strange considering how understated it is) & her new "puffy" winter bags.
  2. I've got one in Navy- the leather is boarskin, which is pretty stiff, but it holds its shape well. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. My only problem is that it doesn't fit under my arm well- it's just not shaped to do so. I just switched to my new Hype bag, but I carried the KS all summer and even after being tossed around at the beach and at work, it shows no sign of wear, whatsoever. It's a really classic bag, and I bet I'll be using it years from now too.

    If you decide to go for one, I'd buy it on the KS site, but wait for it to go on sale. I originally bought one from Nordstrom for $345, and the day that I got it I checked the KS site and it had just been marked down to $245! So, back the Nordstrom bag went and I got it directly from KS instead.
  3. Thanks for your reply! Another thing-did you notice the sides bulging out? The one I've seen at work I've noticed the sides bulging on, but I don't know if thats b/c she's got so much stuff crammed in it.
  4. I have this bag in chocolate and I love it! I also get compliments on it all the time. It's def. a very structured bag & not meant to hold a ton of stuff or perhaps it might bulge, so I'd say she is cramming too much stuff into it. There are KS outlets that will ship, so call them & see if they have any of these in stock. It is such a perfect crook of the arm bag, not too big & not too small (then again, I'm not into the oversized bags). HTH!

  5. Thanks so much for the responses, guys!! This is my first foray into Kate Spade so I'm still trying to figure stuff out. One more thing: do those of you with this bag find the zipper aggravating? Like I know it doesn't zip completely (there are some gaps); is that feature inconvienent or hard to use? I've never had one like that before.
  6. I have this bag in red. I love its shape and structure. I think it will be a great addition to your collection.
  7. Honestly, I just keep it unzipped & don't use the zipper.
  8. I had a bag with that type zipper and did not care for the design, sold it. I am not going to buy a bag with a zipper that unhooks again.

    Love the Kate Spade boarskin and have an ancient kitten and new tracy bucket. Very structured but light weight and durable leather.
  9. Like Amy said, I think the coworker with the bag with bulging sides definitely has too much in it- mine started to, and I just took some stuff out and it was fine.

    And I never used the zipper unless I wasn't going to be grabbing anything out of it for long periods of time.