Kate spade Sample sale

  1. I like the BAXLEY. The big black one.
  2. I am loving this one:

    Great price, too!
  3. ^^ Cute! Whats the shoulder drop height do you know?
  4. I like the basel cori (the leopard print one), but my bf hates leopard print. =( By the way, what is a sample sale? Are these actual samples used by the stores and they are trying to get rid of it? Or are they just last-season's handbags?
  5. Here is some more info, I don't think it includes the shoulder drop height, though.

    "perforated dot noel small remithe signature kate spade noel pattern is subtly perforated into smooth italian leather for discreet summer texture. remi is an oblong handbag with a light gold hook closure with an interior zippered pocket. lined with the new kate spade larabee dot fabric. imported.

    4 1/2"h x 10"w x 4"d
    $245.00 sale price $123.00"
  6. That looks very cute!!! I like it!
  7. When I click on the kate spade link and then go to the sale section, then the handbag section I only see two pages of purses and none of them are the examples above....do you need to be a member of her mailing list to see all the bags? Thanks
  8. The OP was from 2005. I don't think there is a sample sale right now.
  9. Yeah, I normally get an e-mail for the sample sales and never got one. Can you provide the link to the sample sale?
  10. Thank you for pointing that out, i feel pretty stupid right now
  11. thanks for pointing that out, i feel pretty stupid right now :smile:
  12. No worries, I often forget to check the dates on posts when I do a search. I just get too excited when I see the word SALE!! :drool: